No matter where you’ve decided to go, our program is designed for high school students to experience college life and develop academic skills for their studies.

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Admissions to the best American post-secondary institutions are very competitive. Give yourself an edge by enrolling at Educateus. We offer a one-year college preparation program designed to prepare high-achieving international students to excel at top universities in the United States. Our company is proudly based in the Jacksonville, Florida, area, and we take great pride in helping students from all over the world achieve their educational dreams.

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An International College Prep Program

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Who Educates Us

Our team is made up of several experienced educators and college admissions experts, including Seiko Chen, Sophia Williams, and Alexis Brown. With more than 100 years of combined experience, our team members have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you get into your preferred college. Our team is passionate about helping students and that level of commitment shows in everything we do as a company. To find out more about our exceptional program, give us a call today.

Seiko Chen

Seiko Chen
With 20 years of experience in admission work, Seiko is the bedrock of our company. She loves helping students realize their educational dreams.

Sophia Williams

Sophia Williams
Sophia has worked in education analytics since 1996. Her methodical, focused approach to data gathering and research is crucial to achieving strong results for our clients. 

Alexis Brown

Alexis Brown
As the youngest member of our team, Alexis connects with students on a personal level. With nearly 10 years of educational experience under her belt, she has already attained a high level of expertise in our field. 

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